YRG, an environmental consulting firm, approached the Science Project about developing an internal campaign for Starwood Hotels. The brief asked us to develop an interesting way to introduce employees to their new headquarters, educate them about LEED Building practices, and announce Starwood’s new global sustainability initiatives. I conceived of a six part film series that we released over the course of the one year construction cycle. The series alternated between docu-style live action and animation, taking a light hearted and fun approach to dry and technical topics.

The films were released online.

This is a sample of some of the graphics we created.

Below is one of the full videos in the series.

Client Starwood Hotels
Agency: YRG Consulting
Production Company: The Science Project
Creative Director: Nika Offenbac
Design Director: Elliot Blanchard
Writer: Nika Offenbac
Director of Photography: Corey Eisenstein
Second Camera: Joe Pickard
Editor: Nika Offenbac
Animation: Michelle Higa
Music: Huma Huma