Director Benson Lee approached me to help design and concept the ten minute opening scene of his film Planet B-Boy, outlining the history of breakdancing. I teamed art director Devan Simunovich with Legendary NY graffiti artist, Sloane Watts and tasked them with coming up with a way to integrate archival photos and video of New York in the 1970’s with custom illustrations.
In addition to producing and animating the open, I also designed the film’s logo and print collatoral.

Director: Benson Lee
Producer: Amy Lo
Prod Co: Mondo Paradiso Filmsbr />
Studio: Ctrl Labs
Creative Directors: Nika Offenbac & Devan Simunovich
Producer: Nika Offenbac
Art Director: Devan Simunovich
Animators: Devan Simunovich, Nika Offenbac, Evan Johnson,
Illustrations: Sloane Watts