Direct TV approached the New York Branch of experiential design studio Super Uber to develop an event concept to help launch their new direct advertising capabilities.

We designed and manufactured over 300 programmable RFID  bracelets with LED’s. Attendees filled out an online form as part of the RSVP process, and when they arrived the information was uploaded to their bracelets.
At the bars, event goers simply needed to scan their bracelets and their favorite drink was made and brought to them. If your scanned your bracelet while relaxing in the lounge, your favorite movie popped on the screen.

The LED’s were triggered throughout the keynote speech and during Calvin Harris’s epic dance set. You know your favorite song was playing when your LED’s lit up.

Creative Director:  Lucas Werthein
Technical Director: Shahar Zaks
Producer: Nika Offenbac
Programming: Shahar Zaks, Igal Nassima, Adam Harvey
Art Direction: Eyal Ohana
Bracelet Fabrication: Adam Harvey

Agency: Relevant
Creative Director: Tony Berger
Producer:  Nicole Vendetti
Art Director: Sean Tribble
Set Design: James Bednark